About the Artist

Barry Marshall chooses to work in a style similar to early California plein air painters with a mixture of strong brush work and glazes to capture the contrasting luminescence of the sky and the energy of the sea.

Marshall has studied sculpture, figure drawing, and painting at Cabrillo College; Orange Coast College, the Denver Art Student's League, Cape Cod School of Art, and the Montserrat School of Art. He studied oil painting with Robert Nally (seascape painting), Helen Van Wyck (still life, portraits), David Curtis (plein air landscape paintings), Don Stone, Paul Lavallee, Charles Vickery and George Gabin.

On Location. Afamiliar sight along the Carmel and Pacific Grove coasts.

Barry Marshall - The Man and his Art April 20, 2005, Carmel, California

Gallery By The Sea

Twists and Turns

Interesting the road one takes to becoming a plein air painter. From aeronautical studies to missile firing systems, bar tending, carpenter, cabinet maker, sculptor, even building and owning "Udder Nonsense" a very successful icecream store. Entertwined with all this, a 20 year metaphysical search. Now finally a freedom to express.

On location

From Carmel and Pacific Grove to Hawaii for six months. Back right up to the waters edge.

On location in Pacific Grove

Learned to cook for the first time

In Hawaii Stir fry rules


Barry Marshall 2013